The coronavirus has made the current government behave like a war-time government, it’s had drastic and negative impact on the world, the nation, the economy, as well as local businesses and local communities.

On the 16th March 2020, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, informed the public via his daily press conference, that it would be preferable if people could stay home during the Covid19 outbreak. Since this advice, many have been wondering how local companies and their local gyms would respond to this news.

Rossendale Leisure Trust put a statement out to its members via social media on 18th March 2020, to inform them that after advice from the government and public health England, they were making the difficult decision to close the doors on all of their gyms across the district; this includes their gym in Bacup, Pioneer Health Studio.

Their statement in full reads:

I am very aware of the many questions that members in particular will have at the moment. Whilst everyone will be in a slightly different position, I think there are some general principles which I can share which will help.

First of all, thank you for your patience with us this evening.

As you know Rossendale Leisure Trust is a charitable social enterprise established for community benefit. Our initial request is if members are in a position to continue to contribute/donate their membership fees during this period of closure (without freezing or requesting additional months being added to the end of their membership plan) – this generosity would be gratefully received and help us to come through this very difficult period.

I of course appreciate there will be members who are not in that position and as such we will of course freeze memberships for one, two, three months initially. Clearly, we are not sure exactly how long we will be closed at this stage and members will have flexibility to shorten or lengthen their freeze period.

For members who have paid up front for an annual membership, we will add additional weeks/months to the end of your membership on request, equivalent to the closure period.

I should emphasise that you don’t need to rush to contact us. Whether you contact us tomorrow, in a week or in a month we will freeze or extend your membership with recognition of the closure date/period.

So in summary, if you are in position where you feel you can continue to support us by donating your membership fee through this closure period (or by making a more generous donation if you feel so inclined!) – we would be grateful! If you feel you would prefer to freeze or extend your membership, then please get in touch over the next couple of weeks and we will get that sorted for you.

I hope that helps give some clarity, but please contact us with any questions;

Phone: 01706 227016
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for your supportKen - Rossendale Leisure Trust

As outlined in their statement, Rossendale Leisure Trust has asked members to keep their membership going if they can to support their business during this difficult time. In response to one of their members commenting on their statement, they highlighted the social enterprise elements of their business and how they provide over 5000 hours a year of sport related activities to schools and all the free activities and projects they run within the local community.

Understandably, many members have expressed concern that with job lay-offs, due to the economic decline as a result of the coronavirus, many people will be unable to keep their membership running during this difficult time. The Trust have informed people that they totally understand if this is the case and to simply get in touch with them to pause their membership; if they can’t financially afford to keep it running during this chaotic time.

Given the governments advice for people to stay home if they can, many are worried how they will go about staying fit and healthy and getting in their daily exercise.

The current guidelines are that people should still get outside and exercise if they can, going for a walk or a run outside is much advised and the current guidance is to socially distance yourself from others and if you do come in contact with others or objects that may be contaminated, to practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.

While this is a difficult time for everyone, there are businesses and organisations working around the clock to try and make this situation less stressful and easier to manage for the public. The National Trust recently announced that while their buildings, centres and exhibitions will be closed, their parks and outdoor spaces will become free to use and enter; to encourage people to get up, active and about.

With the current government informing the public that this situation could get much worse before it gets better, many are worried what will happen if we are put in enforced lock down and prevented leaving the house and put under curfew, much like the governments of China and Italy have done to try and stem the growth and spread of the virus.